Door-To-Door Romanian Community Outreach Ministry

Baptism of Laura Stirban and her dad Viorel Solcan

Preaching the Gospel to every person is the highest commandment of our Lord that must be fulfilled, for the Church to stay alive and to be fruitful. In this context, we do anything possible to reach out any person regardless of their nationality, however, our group’s main focus is the unsaved Romanian community. By the grace of God many people had been visited along of many years using the method of “door by door” The conscience of many people had been stirred up in regard of their sinful life. Promises were made by many, as to abandon their sinful life and return to God.

Many time the blessing that we reap daily, as being scoffed, rebuked, cursed for the name of our Lord, can’t be compared to the glory that is waiting for us in heaven. I will use one example. Our brother Viorel Solcan came to know the Lord, after his wife Vilma Solcan had had a dream long time ago, when she passed away on the Emergency table in Saint John Macomb Hospital. In her clinical death she reached to a white portal, trying to open it. Suddenly a man dressed in white came to her and told her that she had to go back because she was not ready to go through. Her soul went back , and Vilma came back to life. God sent the brothers from Pardee to Vilma’s house with the Gospel. Brother Solcan was baptized, and his wife Vilma also came to follow the Lord later. Also another way the department uses to reach out people is “phone by phone”. This method does save us a lots of money and time. It help us to get directly and easier to all those who are not Christians.

As for the future our perspective for this year is to involve all the Church in the process of Evangelization. Many Christmas gifts will be prepared and distributed to those who do not know the Lord. Any brother who has the called from God to evangelize, is called to stand up for the Lord.

-Ion Dura

To get involved in this ministry please contact Ion Dura (248) 514-4561.