Nursing Home Ministry (Dearborn)

Our group reaches out to the elderly communities in Dearborn. Once a month we visit two local nursing homes, Imperial Nursing Center and Regency Nursing Center, where we have a scheduled time for prayer, worship, and fellowship every second Sunday of each month.

We have visited the nursing homes with several groups from Alleluia Romanian Pentecostal church including Sunday School classes and other gifted singers and musicians. The residents from these facilities are always overjoyed to see us and to join us as we sing to our Lord and spend time with them. We generally have flowers that we pass out to the residents and staff and always make time to talk with them and pray with them.

There have been some wonderful experiences that we were blessed to be a part of and I know that some of the residents feel the same way.

There was one particular day where God put it on our hearts to purchase “Super Giant Print” NKJV Bibles for three of the residents that were telling us how they could no longer read their Bibles because the writing was so small. Sam and Sarah Gafencu delivered the Bibles to the residents a few days later and said that the residents loved them!

There have also been times when the music that we played and songs that we sang have brought people to tears. Some of them know the Bible by heart and others have sang in church choirs but are no longer able to attend church.

By bringing the church to them and giving them a chance to sing and hear God’s word again, we are able to be a blessing for them and they openly show their gratitude toward us. God shows His goodness to us each and every time we go.

– Alex Ciobanu

If you feel called to minister with us to the elderly in these nursing homes please contact Alex Ciobanu at (248) 808-8518.